Welcome to my blog. I was inspired by the book, "Blogging for Bliss" by Tara Frey.

Welcome to my blog. I was inspired by the book, "Blogging for Bliss" by Tara Frey. My goal is to share a little about my life, and a lot about my longarm quilting business, Lone Tree Designs.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Babysitting my grandson is better than quilting!

Today, tomorrow, and Saturday I am babysitting my 17 month old grandson.  He is a delight to have around.  Busy, busy, busy...but lots of fun!  I have quilts that I should be working on; however, if I have one regret about my parenting days, it is that I wish I would have been less "task-oriented" and really enjoyed the time I had with my son and daughter when they were young.  I didn't realize as a 20-something that those days would quickly pass by and before a blink of an eye, those babies would be grown up, and having babies of their own.  Maybe that is why grandparents are so much more fun than parents!  Grandparents realize a very profound truth which is that taking care of a small child is truly one of the greatest blessings in life.  It's not something to be tolerated or done while accomplishing other things.  It, quite simply, is a joy to be enjoyed during a season of life.  I plan to read books, have tea parties, play outside, go for nature walks, and do all those little things that as a young mom I didn't do enough of.  I vow to never utter the words, "Not now, I am too busy.  Maybe we can do it later." to my grandchildren.  For, with children, I have learned that the time to do things together is "now."