Welcome to my blog. I was inspired by the book, "Blogging for Bliss" by Tara Frey.

Welcome to my blog. I was inspired by the book, "Blogging for Bliss" by Tara Frey. My goal is to share a little about my life, and a lot about my longarm quilting business, Lone Tree Designs.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

June is OVER!

I can't believe today is the last day of June!  In looking back, it is hard to remember what I have actually been doing.  No lazy days in the sun.  No fun little road trips for just my hubby and I.  I must do better with the next couple of months, or before I know it, the summer will be over, and I will be looking back in dismay over lost opportunities.    My daughter and I have been making wedding plans for her December wedding, which has been a lot of fun.  Most of the puzzle pieces are in place now, and it is a matter of finishing up details.  When the date gets closer, I am sure we will think of all kinds of things that we haven't yet figured out, but for now at least, it is feeling like we are on top of things.  I have been called by three new customers in the last two days to quilt some more quilts.  There is a question in my mind as to how busy I want to let myself become.  However, with a wedding on the way, it doesn't seem wise to turn away business, so my summer may be spent doing a lot of quilting for other people.  I really must strike a balance between doing for others and working on my own projects!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Buried in Quilt Tops!

Wow, all of the sudden quilters are coming out of the woodwork with tops for me to quilt!  It is exciting, but a little bit daunting since I am still working two days a week and helping my mom whenever I can, as well as being on the planning committee for Quilt Nebraska 2011 in Kearney at the end of July. It has been a hectic year with meetings and planning for our state convention, but I think it will be a big success and it will be nice to say that my friends and I had a hand in it.  Of course, if it fails, I will pretend I had nothing to do with it :) 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summertime, Oh Yay!

Wow!  It is June 16th already!  My daughter had her 18th birthday this past week, and wedding plans for her December wedding are in full swing!  Grandchild number two (from my son and his wife) is on the way, and we are anxiously awaiting the news of whether it is a boy or a girl.  My little grandson had his first birthday already.  I can't believe how fast time flies.  In the midst of all this excitement, I am quilting for customers, averaging 6-10 projects per month.  It is enough to keep me busy and bring in some extra income, but a small enough amount that I can still work on some of my own projects.  I am planning to take some pics of my latest little projects and post them soon.  This past week I finished a wallhanging, a baby quilt, and a doll quilt of my own while also quilting two small wallhangings for customers.  This weekend I am going to work at my mom's quilt shop while she attends a family reunion.  I guess I am just not old enough yet to truly appreciate the joys of family reunions.  Or, maybe, our family just doesn't do them properly.  All I know is that I traveled four hours to attend one last summer where my husband I were the youngest adults there by about 25 years, and there were a total of about 20 people in attendance.  Needless to say, this summer, I offered to work at the shop! LOL!