Welcome to my blog. I was inspired by the book, "Blogging for Bliss" by Tara Frey.

Welcome to my blog. I was inspired by the book, "Blogging for Bliss" by Tara Frey. My goal is to share a little about my life, and a lot about my longarm quilting business, Lone Tree Designs.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Uncomfortable Zones

A beautiful customer quilt that I just finished for Kathy.  I have quilted several of these butterflies.  This one is
my favorite.  Kathy has inspired to really take the challenge and make one of these beauties for myself!
     Comfort zones are so....well, comfortable!  Have you ever heard the saying, "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got."  (or something close to that)?  Well, in my world, the comfort zone is sacred!  I tend to get a bit anxious when things are not running along in the "what I've always done" vein.  Boring?  Maybe.  Relatively low stress?  Yes.
      The only area in my life where I dare to get out of my comfort zone, a little bit, is in the area of quilting.  I do try new patterns.  I take classes to learn new techniques.  I go to quilt shows, read books, scan mounds of magazines...all to learn new things.  I rarely make the same quilt twice.  Usually, I don't completely follow a pattern.  These can be uncomfortable zones to be in for some people, but I do find that challenging myself has made me a better quilter.
      My current projects are all working with pre-cut 10 inch and 5 inch squares.  I have used 2 1/2 inch pre-cuts quite a bit in the past, but haven't done a lot with the squares.  Recently, I was asked to give a presentation at a retreat (my first overnight retreat--also out of my comfort zone) on things to do with 10 inch squares.  It was a lot of fun finding ideas to share with my fellow retreat enthusiasts.  I am not going to share them here on the blog just yet because I don't want to spoil the fun for those attending the retreat, but I will definitely share them at a later time.
  In the meantime, I challenge myself, and all of you to do something a little bit uncomfortable in your quilting choices today...You never know, you might just end up making something that you absolutely love!